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Ausvogar Australia

Ausvogar Investment Management Pty Ltd (AIM) is a subsidiary financial services company under Ausvogar Capital specialising in offshore investment and financial management. Founded in 2014, Ausvogar Capital specialises in investments in foreign real estate development. Ausvogar's management fund totals 1.8 billion AUD, and investments in projects within Australia totals over 300 million AUD.

As part of Rongqiao Group, and utilising Rongqiao's more than 20 existing locations Ausvogar Capital is now expanding its investment operations throughout Australia, and its asset and financial management businesses will become even more robust.​

Australian Financial Services Authorized Representative 


Ausvogar Management Team

David Zhu

Founding Partner of Ausvogar

Initiate founding Ausvogar China and Ausvogar Australia, participate to found Ausvogar Canada. The Chairman of Ausvogar China, Director of Ausvogar Australia and Director of Ausvogar Canada. Mr. Zhu has over 20 years’ experience in project finance and property investment. Holding a master’s degree in Management Science and Engineering from Beijing Industrial University as well as a master’s degree in Business Management in University of Wollongong, he joined Beijing Vantone Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1995 and served as financial manager, CFO, CIO and MD of asset management. He participated in launching the trust fund of Vantone and the first private industrial real estate fund. He led and managed Vantone’s overseas investment operations in the United States, Australia and Taiwan, China.

Zane Dai

Founding Partner of Ausvogar

Bachelor of Beijing Institute of Technology, EMBA of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. Zane used to work in Vantone Group, in charge of property management department and responsible for project management. He was also the general manager of a subsidiary company. Zane has more than twenty years’ experience in real estate investment, marketing, developing, and property management. He is the key partner of Ausvogar Capital.

Cynthia Cui

Partner of Ausvogar

Bachelor of Beijing Foreign Studies University. More than twelve years’ experience in real estate. Cynthia had worked for Beijing Vantone for 9 years, and was in charge of marketing for Beijing Construction Group in Jiangsu project. Cynthia was in charge of HR department, assisting general manager in Tianjin Vantone project. She also was in charge of sales and marketing for commercial properties. Cynthia has good experience, strong abilities in organizing and coordinating. She is the partner of Ausvogar Capital in charge of human resources and the Board activities




Yuwei Joyce Yang

Partner of Ausvogar Australia

Director of Ausvogar Australia. Joyce has master’s degree of Business in University of Wollongang. Holding CPA and ACMA. Joyce has 15 years’ experience in Australia financial services, trust management, mortgage banking, with an emphasis on business strategy planning analysis, and investment fund management. Prior Ausvogar, she worked or Group FP&A, GE Capital and Pepper Group.

Simon Li

Partner of Ausvogar

Master of Finance of Hebei University, Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Simon worked for Huaxia Bank Baoding and Bank of Beijing in Tianjin. He is competent with knowledge and practice in finance institutions for more than 15 years. Simon joined Ausvogar Capital in July 2016 as CFO and is responsible for risk control.

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