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Underlying assets handpicked for their growth potential and operational stability

Residential Apartment Development in Australia

Type Robust Residential Apartment Developments

Investment Direction Residential Apartments Development Equity + Debt Fund

Suitable Investors LPs  Family Funds  Industry Funds

Key Features Robust Underlying Assets

Projects in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast

Renowned developers, progress follow up and monthly project reports.

Experienced in Residential development and professional financial control.

Guarantee investors' interests.

ABS Low Risk Products

Type Low Risk Fund Products

Investment Direction Mortgage Backed Securities

Suitable Investors Family Funds   Personal Investors

Key Features Stable Underlying Assets

Mortgage backed securities: with a portfolio of mortgages at underlying assets

Low steady income, 6% annualised rate, monthly interest repayment, underlying collateral (7%), multiple subscription opportunities per year

Sydney Townhouse Development

Type Low Risk New Residential Projects

Investment Direction Residential Developments + Sale

Suitable Investors Private Investors   Family Trusts

Key Features Low Initial Capital, High Returns

Company with deep construction and management experience

Have already completed 2 value added renovations,

Covers the entire range of service from DA to build to development and final sale.

-  Duplex ,Low Cost, CDC

-  Development Service 

-  Lending Service 

Commercial Office Refurbishments/ Purchase

Type Commerical Office

Investment Direction  Commercial Property Ownership+ Operating Rights

Suitable Investors Family Funds   Industry Funds  Personal Investors

Key Features Strong Cashflow, Debt Serviceable Equity

Propfessional office management team, strong cash-flow and secured asset.

Sydney Aged Care Assets

Type  Aged Care Asset Package

Investment Direction Commercial Equity + Medical Operations Management Rights

Suitable Investors Family Funds  Industry Funds  LPs

Key Features Strong Cash Flow


Renowned aged  care franchise for sale.

Rare medical license and aged care license

Strong cashflow and secured asset.

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